Teen Patti - From The Streets To Online Casinos

Most Indian adults have enjoyed a game of Teen Patti in their lifetime, be that at home with family or out and about with friends. Its move to online casinos is very welcome. Seeing our traditional games represented online is a thrill. Teen Patti online is the same familiar game of the streets, but with some exciting variations.

As thrilling as it is to play Teen Patti online, an extra incentive is the Teen Patti bonus that is available at some online casinos. Most online casinos have a welcome bonus which you can use to play their games. Check these out carefully before you choose a final place to play. Make sure which games you are allowed to play on with that particular casino welcome bonus too. A popular bonus is the percentage match-up to a cash deposit, but remember to check out the wagering requirements before making your final selection.

Getting To Know Teen Patti & Some Tips For Playing

Teen Patti is also known as Teen Pathi (three cards), Flash or Flush, depending on where you play the game. Played all over India, it is also popular throughout Southeast Asia. It has similarities to 3-Card Brag and Poker, but it is its own game! The ComeOn India team understands you know this well-loved game, but for any newbies to the game or to playing at an online casino, then here are three top tips to help you along.

Firstly, don’t go in betting big numbers. Wait for the cards that will improve your chances of a win – more on that later. Betting too high too early on Teen Patti will get other players folding quickly, then the pot doesn’t grow significantly. Secondly, when you play online Teen Patti Live be attentive to the type of play pattern of other players. Knowing how they play will substantially help you in selecting your own strategies. Thirdly, don’t be afraid to fold or ‘Pack’; learn to recognise that this is a playing option that improves your chances of winning a bigger pot. Strategy, luck and knowing the game is what it is all about.

Useful Terms To Learn When Playing Teen Patti

When playing a Teen Patti game online, there are several terms that it might be useful to know. Main Bet when you play Teen Patti, is a three-way wager on the player, the dealer or split pot, betting on the outcome of the hand. Side Bet, is when you make a side bet alongside your main wager, betting on a specific outcome. Re-Bet means betting the same amount as in the previous round.


Re-Bet x 2 is where a player doubles his bet from the previous round, keeping within the maximum bet limit on the table. Blind, a required bet, is made by the first player after the dealer. Small Blind means half the previous bet. The next player doubles the Small Blind, called the Big Blind. Call & Raise follows the Small & Big Blind Bets. A player can ‘call’ an amount and double the Small Blind or Raise the bet to higher than double the Small Blind. It is really worth becoming familiar with these terms to play Teen Patti online.

Teen Patti – Hand Rank & Probability

Playing Teen Patti at the best online casino in India is much the same as playing the street game of old, although there are more variations online. Whichever variety you play, you need to know and understand the hand rankings, for making informed decisions about playing your hand. It is important to remember that bluffing is an integral part of Teen Patti. Highest to lowest hands include Trail or Set – 3 of the same cards, with the highest combination being Aces. Then there is the Pakki Hand, a straight flush. The Straight Sequence is a consecutive run of three numbers, not necessarily of the same suit. Then there is a Colour hand which is a 3-card flush in the same suit, where the highest card wins in a draw. Double is a draw of 2 cards of the same rank. Highest Card is when there is no pair, and the highest card wins. To play online Teen Patti, as you probably know well, you need a combination of both skill and luck. Knowing how to bluff is also a handy tool. Alongside this, it is also good to be aware of the ranking of the hands and the probabilities of the hands.
  • High Card (no pair) – 74.39%
  • Double (pair) – 16.94%
  • Colour (flush) – 4.96%
  • Straight Sequence (run) – 3.26%
  • Pakki Round (straight flush) – 0.22%
  • Trail or Set (3 of a kind) – 0.24%

The Five Moves Of Teen Patti

Learning the five moves of Teen Patti can improve your winning chances. Opting to play ‘Blind,’ means you bet less to stay longer in the game, anticipating those players who have ‘seen’ have weak hands and will probably fold. ‘Chaal’ play is when you continue to play and bet the required amounts because you believe you have a stronger hand. The ComeOn India team believes learning the five moves means you can play with confidence at our online Live Casino. Take the Side Show, a popular Live Casino bet. Here if a hand is ‘seen’, you can ask to see another player’s seen hand, betting double the current stake. The player can accept or refuse to show and if they have the better hand, you must fold or ‘Pack’. A tie is when all players decline to show their hands, the round finishes and the pot is shared equally. If you have a weak hand, you can fold or ‘Pack’.

Discover The Fun Of Playing Teen Patti Online

Being able to play Teen Patti when and how you want ensures playing online continues to increase in popularity. The different variations that are appearing add to the attraction, as does the opportunity to play with a Teen Patti bonus. This can make your playing budget somewhat larger depending on the casino bonus you choose. Another big benefit to Indian players is the chance to play online on mobile devices, without downloads. If you look carefully enough, you can even find online casinos where you can enjoy playing your favourite game in rupees.