Blackjack - The Ultimate Casino Game

Nothing beats a competitive and intense game of Blackjack. For true casino lovers, it represents the exciting atmosphere and buzz of the casino floor. Well-loved across the globe, Blackjack online is a hugely popular choice for Indian players too. The games are always riveting and breathtakingly exciting, with strategic play upping the ante.

Classic Blackjack has relatively straightforward rules, enjoyed by both novice players and high rollers alike. Whether for fun or applying new strategies, this exciting game attracts players every day. It has acquired variety and extras with its move online and can be enjoyed in a number of different ways. From the classic casino table game to video slots, it can now even be experienced on mobile phones. For those lovers of the casino floor, you can take your seat and watch a professional dealer deal your cards in an online live casino in India.

Classic Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is an engaging and fun game, even for beginners. It’s fairly easy to learn and the basic rules are not complicated, although it takes time to become an expert. Check these rules before you start to play, as some game varieties or casinos have additions or variations on the basics. There are actually numerous new varieties to be found too at ComeOn India, so be aware of the specific rules before you start playing and strategising. Learning BlackJack involves first knowing and understanding the value of each card and also their odds. The numbered cards are face value. Jacks, Queens and Kings all have a value of ten, and Aces can be one or eleven. In the well-known classic game, the overall winner is the dealer or player who has a hand totalling 21 or the nearest number to this. Without going bust, of course! ‘Blackjack’ itself is a ‘natural 21’ with two cards, and will always beat other hands to win. It is normally paid out at 3-2. For the ultimate experience, participate in our Live Dealer Blackjack games!

Placing Your Wagers Online

By browsing the casino lobby, you can find Blackjack Live games, tables and betting limits that suit you. Take a seat at the table and when you are ready, it’s time to place your wager. You will see chips with number values, depending on the minimum and maximum table limits. Each Blackjack table normally has five areas for betting, so you will select your chips, placing them on the table area in front of you.

Blackjack online is a gripping challenge between you and the dealer. Who will get the nearest to a hand of 21? The rules of classic Blackjack means that every player receives two face up cards, while the dealer has only their first card face up. Cards are dealt automatically or by a live dealer starting with the player on the dealer’s left and finishing on the dealer’s right. When you have been dealt both of your cards, the concentration and strategy begins. You will then be comparing your hand total with the dealer’s potential hand and deciding what to do.

Classic Blackjack Rules

If you opt for a session in the Blackjack Live Casino you will be joined by other players, be able to see their hands too, and interact if you choose to. Alternatively, if you prefer to focus solely on the game, especially if you are learning, you can choose one where you are the lone player. You will then have four different Blackjack rules options to choose from. You can ‘Hit’, which means you will get another card or ‘Stand’, which means you don’t want one. You can also ‘Double Down’, meaning that you will double your original bet. If you have been dealt a pair, then you can also ‘Split’ which allows you to play each card as a separate hand.

When all players have wagered and completed their individual hands, then and only then, will the dealer play their own. All the hands are then compared. You will receive your winnings if you beat the live dealer with a total closest to 21, or lose your wager if their hand beats yours.

  • Place your bet between the minimum and maximum table limits
  • When you have your cards, opt to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split
  • The dealer will then take their turn to play
  • ‘Blackjack’ itself (’21’) or the nearest hand to the total of 21 wins
  • Receive your winnings or lose your wager

Live Casino Blackjack Experience

Once you have mastered the Blackjack basics, your attention will probably turn to the software developers. They have brought players a wealth of new innovation and some really challenging variations of the classic game. There is a wide range of immersive variants with features like Bet Behind or alternative wagering options. Our Live Casino in India brings all this new action to life, with full HD streaming and amazing live dealers. Technology brings us improved performance, enhanced camera capability, and the enticing experience of real casinos worldwide.

Blackjack Strategies Work

Blackjack is, of course, partly a game of chance. However, it is also a game of strategy. Different strategies are the subject of continual debate and choosing which one works for you is all part of the fun. There are a large number of online books, tutorials, and expert opinions available to help all Indian players plan and up their chances of winning.

If you haven’t decided on your final basic strategy yet, there is one decision that you need to consider anyway. This is the question of what to do if you have a hard or soft hand. A soft hand means when you receive two cards with a very low total that can’t be busted if you ‘Hit’. A hard hand is if one of the cards dealt has a value of ten, meaning you have a very high possibility of going bust. It’s always wise to practice any new basic strategy on the free games available at ComeOn India.